New commemorative coins in connection with the centennial celebration 1905-2005: on 23 September Norges Bank issued the second coin set in the series of gold and silver coins to mark the centennial of the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905. The company Hundrearsmarkeringen--Norge 2005 AS is responsible for marketing and sales.


In 2005, it has been one hundred years since the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden. Pursuant to the Norges Bank Act provisions regarding commemorative coins, Norges Bank is issuing a series of commemorative coins to celebrate the centennial.

The coin series comprises three gold and three silver coins. The coins are being issued in cooperation with Hundrearsmarkeringen--Norge 2005 AS (Norge 2005), which is in charge of the official programme. Norge 2005 is responsible for the marketing and sale of the coins, and has made an agreement with Samlerhuset, which will be in charge of sales. The Official Sales Office for Centennial Coins has been established for the purpose.

The first pair of coins was issued on 27 November 2003 to commemorate the day in 1905 when King Haakon VII took his oath in the Storting. The second pair was issued on 23 September 2004, the day in 1905 when Norway and Sweden came to an agreement in Karlstad regarding a peaceful dissolution of the union. The last pair will be issued on 7 June 2005, the centennial of the Storting resolution to dissolve the union between Norway and Sweden.

The gold coins have a nominal value of NOK 1 500 and will be minted in an issue limited to 10 000 coins. The silver coins have a...

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